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Automated Precision Inc. is a world leader of advanced metrology solutions for industry. Founded by Dr . Kam Lau in 1987, API has pioneered progressively higher standards of accuracy for coordinate measuring and machine tool operation. API products are installed and used by all of the world’s leading automotive, aerospace, machine tool, and CMM manufacturers. API is prepared and equipped to provide solutions for all complex problems encountered in the manufacturing industry.

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Products and services

Rental and Sales of three-dimensional measurement equipment
Service Provider in three-dimensional measurement and machine geometry
The RADIAN Laser Tracker range and measurement accessories offer a highly flexible, portable coordinate measuring solution with application across all industries. With customer globally in all sectors, API has accumulated a wealth of application experience in aerospace, automotive, energy, heavy machinery, agricultural equipment, military & defense, machine tools, automation and tooling industries. RADIAN excels at all measurement tasks including dynamic 3D reflector measurement, hidden-point probing, high-definition surface scanning and feature extraction to automation and machine control. Applications include:
– Alignment
– Calibration
– Part Measurement
– Jigs, Fixture & Tooling Inspection
– Reverse Engineering
– Robotics
– Adaptive Control


ISO 17025:2017 | Accredited laboratory
Current CE and IEC 60825-1 For laser products
API Brazil’s Office ISO-9001:2015 (Quality Management System)


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