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ATS combines computational techniques with traditional engineering methodologies to offer unique designs with reliable and accurate results, working with product engineering through virtual simulation (CFD and FEA) -in conception to optimization- for the most varied industries, from the ultra-technological aerospace, passing through oil and gas to the consumer goods industry.

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Products and services

Numerical simulations of mechanical and termo-fluiddynamics systems
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Structural and dynamic analysis
Conceptual studies and pre-design
Systems multidisciplinary optimization
Aerodynamics analysis
Engine combustion and emissions
Documentation and systems certification
Oficial distributor of Fluid Mechanics solver Metacomp CFD++
Oficial distributor of post-processor Tecplot 360 EX
Oficial distributor of iChrome Nexus process integration and multidisciplinary optimization
Oficial distributor of Ennova Mesh Generation
In-service Difficulties Solutions
Energetic efficiency analysis
Flight and ground testing
Wind and icing tunnel campaigns
System dynamic simulation and control
Engine, APU, Ram Air Inlet Aerodynamics
Icing Analysis
Aircraft Ice Protections Systems
Avionics Compartment, Panel and Rack Cooling
Aircraft Pax and Cockpit Cabin Comfort
Environmental Control Systems (ECS)
Engine Bleed Air System
Fuselage Drain Systems
ECS Valves Design and Simulation
High and Low Pressure Ducting Design and Installation
Compact Heat Exchangers
Smoke Detection and Evacuation Analysis


Relationship with TechPark