Rua Jaguarão, 296
Chácaras Reunidas
São José dos Campos - SP
ZIP Code: 12238-410

+55 (12) 3308-0004

Legado was founded in 2003 it’s based in São José dos Campos – São Paulo. We develop and manufacture machines, tooling and machining pieces. We participate in the brazilian aerospace program producing pieces for rockets like engine body, fins, nozzle among others.

Relationship with TechPark :

Products and services

Development of Machinery, Devices and Tooling Project
Machining 5 axes up to 3 meters
Machining device
Jigs assembly
Rocket Engine
Rocket Nozzle
Rocket Fin
Drilling mask
Specials weld plasm/tig
Rocket parts




Relationship with TechPark