Avenida Cassiano Ricardo, 319 - sala 1.605
Parque Residencial Aquarius
São José dos Campos - SP
ZIP Code 12246-870

(12) 3797-2227

MTorres Brasil was founded in November 2012 with the main purpose of supporting the technical and commercial demands of the military project being developed by Embraer for the Brazilian government. MTorres Brasil is a subsidiary of the MTorres Group, present in Europe, Asia and Americas, with approx. 700 employees and annual turnover of approx. 260M Euros. From 2013 to 2017 the MTorres group developed, fabricated and installed 7 final assembly lines for Embraer’s military and commercial programs (São Jose dos Campos, Botucatú and Gavião Peixoto units) including assembly tools, support devices, lifting slings, drilling masks, automated positioning systems, AGVs, laser trackers, drilling machines, machining and pinning, among others. Providing a wide range of products for Aerospace applications make us a unique business partner and strategic source of well proven aerospace solutions.


Relationship with TechPark :

Products and services

Geometrical and conventional tooling
Machines and robots for drilling, millling and riveting solutions
Assembly and positioning systems
Automated equipments for material transport (AGVs)
Drilling templates
Assembly and support equipments
Fixed and movable platforms.


ISO 9001:2015


Relationship with TechPark